This collection of Jewelry is made of French Antique Beads. Antique Beads have a very distinct color and vibe. Materials composing these beads are a rarity, meaning that supply is severely limited. Beads Balls are knitted using an original technique and are surely set to become the highlight of any outfit.


Most of our gold jewelry is 14K Gold Filled. 14K Gold Filled is much higher quality and longer lasting than 14K Gold Plating.  It does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. 14K Gold Filled can be worn by most people without allergic reactions.



Pure (100%) gold is too soft, and is usually mixed with other metal alloys (silver, copper, nickel and zinc) to make it stronger and more durable for jewelry.

The metal alloys that are mixed with pure gold for strength can also modify the resulting color to produce different shades of yellow, white, and pink gold.

We use 18K and 14K Solid Gold: Yellow, Pink and White.

18k gold contains a higher (75%) percentage of pure gold than 14k gold (58.3%).



This collection is very simple and modern. The material is 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. You can also order personalized jewelry: you can choose Initials, Birth Stones and Message.



Sterling Silver is 92.5 percent (925 parts) pure silver and 7.5 percent (75 parts) alloy metal. Sterling is the primary material used for silver jewelry.




•Gold Filled jewelry is cared for in the same manner as other precious jewelry.

•The absolutely best thing you can do for your Gold Filled jewelry is to clean regularly using a little bit of warm water, and a soft cloth to dry and shine after.

•If heavier cleaning is required, try water and soap first and if that is not enough you can use a mild metal cleaning product.

•Like all metals if gold filled is exposed to long periods of moisture it will start to oxidize, it is best that you store your items in a dry place.



This is a gemstone collection. I use exquisite precious and semi-precious stones from all over the world. There are various ways of wearing these creations and one is to layer it with other precious necklaces.



Vermeil is a metal made by coating a base of Sterling Silver with gold. Most of Vermeil is plated with 22K-24K gold. The difference between Vermeil, and Gold Filled, is in the thickness of the gold and the base metal used. In Vermeil, the base is Sterling Silver.